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Guide For Collaborating With A Sanitary Pump Manufacturer For Your Business!

Sanitary pumps, for the uninitiated, are used in diverse industries, typically for transporting and pumping slurries, mixes and liquids. The use of sanitary pumps is more extensive in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries. The steel industry also uses these pumps for water pumping for cooling furnaces. If you want to invest in sanitary pumps, there are a few things to take note. In this post, we are talking more on how you can collaborate better with a manufacturer and things that need attention.

Stick to the basics

There are four different types of sanitary pumps – airlift, jet, centrifugal and positive displacement, and each one has specific use and works in a different way. If you have figured out what kind of pump you need, the next step is to find a manufacturer. The best manufacturers have ISO certified plants and they adhere to all relevant compliance requirements, including 3A and FDA. Make sure that the manufacturer is a known one and they offer Sanitary Replacements Parts, as well, because even the best pumps will require repairs after a point.

Things that matter

When it comes to sanitary pumps, you have to consider the speed settings, which can be fixed or may come with a control panel, depending on the intended use. Some sanitary pumps are designed for transporting wastewater and special liquids and slurries, so check your requirements and find the right options. It is also important to consider the time required for delivery. Most manufacturers will offer brochures and estimates for free, but it is equally necessary to ask about dispatch, especially if you are short on time. There are also a few basic parameters that can be considered to choose between models, such as discharge size, maximum temperature, how the sanitary pump moves liquid on sides, power source and backup battery.

Getting an estimate

As with any industrial purchase, getting an estimate is an absolute must. Sometimes sanitary pumps transport expensive materials and risky slurries, so quality is a critical factor to consider. To be more precise, price alone shouldn’t be the only reason to choose a sanitary pump manufacturer. Check the level of assistance, sales support and expertise they provide and take a call accordingly.

You also want to be sure that the replacement parts of the selected sanitary pumps will be available in years to come, because this is not an investment that’s typically gets outdated in a year or two.

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