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What Are The Civil Status Documents And How Having Them Online Plays An Crucial Role In Your Life? 

Civil status documents are the government authorized certificates that prove your identity to the real world. These documents are the only way by which a person can legally prove their identity to wherever asked. Your civil status certificate can include all the information directly related to you. What makes it essential is that all the information is backed and certified by the authority that can make it legal on all ends. Here is the information that is entered in your certificate:-

  • Birth certificate: What is the proof of your birth? How will you prove your date of birth in the eyes of the law? Well, the birth certificate is the only document that is termed as a legal identity proof to accept your date of birth and is a core component of your civil status certificate.
  • Act of recognition: Now it is the document that will state the information of the child born, or to be born and about the parents of the child. This means this document will carry all the information regarding you and your parents, which means it is a link between you and your parents.
  • Act of marriage: All the information regarding your marriage is entered and registered in this document; it will surely include your name, age at the time of marriage the name, and the age of your spouse during the marriage. The name and identity of the witnesses at the time of your marriage and much more.
  • Death certificate: The last thing that will end your file of civil status documents is the death certificate. It is one of the useful documents for your spouse or children that they need to present ion from many authorities to claim the rights you use.

There are certain other documents that are also an integral part of your survival on the earth and are included in the civil status documents; however, you can get all the information regarding them through


Importance of having all these documents online

One will require different documents at a different possible time, and sometimes it gets really very difficult for you to present all the documents in an offline and physical manner. Suppose you need to send your documents to some other state or city. But it is for some verification purpose only. Will you send all the original documents? No one is so stupid that they send their original documents for verification purposes by post.

And even if you opt to do this, then also you will not be able to make it in the desired time period, as the post will take a genuine time that is required in that process. So what is the option that you are left behind with? Yes, you are guessing it right, the online method is the safest and the fastest way by using which you will get a chance to send your documents to the desired place without any hassle. So that is the biggest reason why you should have all your documents available online with you.

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