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Features and Accomplishments to Expect from Robust Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer’s integrity can get damaged with data breaches, so they look for proper security in every business. If the customer finds that their experience is not up to standard with an organization then they will be not afraid to take their business elsewhere. They are independent to choose the brand they do business with.

Customer identity and access management is a solution designed for total security and balanced customer experience. Every business has an IAM solution installed for their workforce [employee IAM] but cannot be up to standards for handling customer identities.

Features to look for in CIAM products

Seamless customer experience

CIAM enables streamlined access and integrated customer data to help brands engage customers with stable Omni-channel experiences and customized interactions.

Security needs

Increased frequency and extent of data breaches has made it essential for organizations to protect valuable customer information. Proper CIAM solution offer potent security from data layer to authentication to decrease the risk of losing reputation, revenue, and customer trust.

Scalability & performance

With growth in number of applications, websites, customers, and services, data compiled about every customer also increases extensively. Many industries are customer base and so during seasons extreme demand is experienced. This causes scalability challenges, which can be addressed with a potent CIAM solution. As each client expects effortless and instant access to your applications, the performance and speed of customer IAM solution must not lag, especially during peak hours.

Privacy & regulatory compliance

Today, users are sharing lots of information in this digital era with brands. This does not mean that greeting made to customers using names has lessened their worries regarding data privacy. CIAM offers customer insight as well as control on where, when and how data gets shared. Customer consent is needed to comply to new privacy regulations.

What CIAM solutions accomplish?

Allows them in

Signing in again and again in every application or cannot gain access to specific application can make customers walk away to your competitors. Single login interface and single password offers customer an ease to obtain access to authorized segments only. This access is governed carefully with a robust CIAM solution that is programed to determine whether the customer holds Golden membership package with an access to exclusive content.

Identify them

Besides offering easy Omni-channel access, CIAM solution helps organizations collect customer data directly and indirectly. Data siloed in many repositories makes it impossible to apply usefully but with CIAM data is synched between directories. Thus, customer preferences and profiles get shared across channels. Customer insights helps to customize plans and interactions offering more engaging experience to fulfil customer desires and needs.


End to end security is given to access and storage of sensitive customer data. Third party access is limited to necessary business jobs ensuring customers have total control on how their information gets shared and used.

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