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5 Email Campaigns Ideas to Rock your Email Strategy for Summer 2022

 The summer season is the greatest chance to warm up your list, not just with the sunny weather, but along with strengthening engagement. No better way to take advantage of this than by creating emails about fun in the sun, traveling, and no school for the kids, however, you should also keep in mind the national holidays and pride month.

There are so many other celebrations that can be included in your strategy depending on the angle you want to take and the product or service you tan to promote, as an e-commerce email marketing agency let us assure you there’s a special day for any activity you can imagine, for example, Donut Day on June 3rd and Workaholics Day on July 5th. In this post, we want to provide a couple of ideas to rock your email marketing strategy for summer 2022.

  1. Play around with non-common celebrations

Most of the fun and also not that serious celebrations take place during June – July, being a great way to feel inspired especially in summer as many of your contacts will be in the mood to celebrate and take advantage of any great deals, offers, or information you have to share with them. Even if your product is not strictly related to the celebrations per se, you can play around with the original celebration and deliver an email that results in a smile to the person who opens it. Remember your strategy should include emails that engage more with the subscriber and not just make them buy the product with no value presented for future content sent.

  1. Summer sales never disappoint

What you can try different this year is creating a special edition of summer bestsellers from your product inventory. Start by promoting the sale early to build anticipation, this can be 3 weeks before the actual sale. Then, tease some of the products you plan on including with a couple of weeks of anticipation, so when it’s just one day to go with the sale you can send an email reminding them about the sale. Of course, this structure could be more nurtured in case you have a VIP segment or if SMS is part of your strategy.

Tip: Send your subscribers an exclusive discount code and run a series of flash sales to encourage impulse purchases and pre-orders.

  1. Newsletters? What to write about?

Content based on classic summer themes are perfect if you want to step out a bit from the holiday marketing. Keep in mind to promote your summer product selection relevant to your customers along with seasonal offers, creating a balance between newsletters and sales emails. Here are some ideas on topics to use for summer nurture emails:

  • Vacations: warmer weather and a fun tone of voice are great when it comes to writing fun guides for activities to do in summer.
  • Family time: this season means no school and a higher chance to do activities outdoors, and share time with your beloved ones.
  • Reminiscence about last year: the last couple of years have been hard for everyone, a thoughtful and heartwarming to remember last summer is recreating or recycling those ideas used years before.
  1. Ask your customers for content

In order to create more personalized emails for your subscribers, you can ask them directly for content and not leave it up to you only if you’re running a little dry in-house. Ask them to send you their own summery photos/testimonials that will be shared on your company blog and sent out via email? You could ask them to take photos of themselves enjoying your products to be featured on the brand’s social media channels. You’ll be surprised how these little angles strengthen the relationship with your customers as they feel important.

  1. Don’t forget National Holidays

Classic ideas will be always a good idea, people know about these holidays and most of the time expect good content and sales when the most important celebrations are coming closer. The commercial meaning of them keeps the subscribers waiting for good deals, so not disappoint them but maybe mixed it up with the idea 1 of non-common angles for summer to create a balance between classic and new email marketing.

Achieving your brand’s goals will ultimately be the decision-maker in implementing strategies based on your subscribers and the data you’ve collected. However, if you’re not sure how to and would like to know more about the types of email campaigns, here you go an excellent article about 7 Types of Email Campaigns You Can Add to Your Content Strategy.

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