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What Are The Top SEO Ranking Factors?

Ranking factors are the factors that help in deciding the rank of the website on the different search engines. The SEO community keeps on changing the ranking factor; they never remain constant as per the circumstances and the strategies, these SEO companies set a ranking factor.

Different service providers use different ranking factors.

Some of the agencies like San Diego SEO keep some of the factors constant. Now we will discuss some of the ranking factors that will help in the optimization of the websites.

  1. Secure and accessible website:

This is the first and the most crucial ranking factor of SEO that you must know. With the advancement in technology, HTTPS websites are considered free from viruses, and they are only accepted by search engines like google. Just make sure that you are using a safe and secure domain for the website.

Also, keep in mind that the site is builder under a well-coded website builder.

  1. Speed of the page:

This is also considered one of the crucial SEO ranking factors. The main motive of Google is to improve the user’s experience, and this is only possible when there will be fast loading web pages. According to the new rules and regulations, if your website is not working at a reasonable speed on the mobile phone, then the company will charge a penalty from you.

  1. Optimized content:

Add a proper and unique keyword and phrases to the content that you are uploading on your website. Just make sure that the title you are using is different to easily compete with the competitors that are also providing such facilities. Ensure that you avoid duplicate work as this will be considered a negative point for your company.

Just make sure that proper headings and subheadings are also used to make the content more attractive.

  1. User experience:

This includes other signals that affect the search engine ranking:

  • Click through rate: This is basically the percentage of people who click to visit your website.
  • Bounce rate:This is the percentage of people who click on your page and quickly go back to the search result.
  • Dwell time:For how long the visitor stays on your website once they have arrived at it.

If you have a higher bounce rate, then your website will be placed in a lower-ranking as it will be considered that the matter is not upto the mark, and there are specific changes that are required to make your website attractive.

  1. Links: 

As we all know that the websites are mainly built on links. So we can say that links are the crucial factors. There are three types of links that are mostly used for the different kind of websites:

  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links 


Not only these are the factors that affect the ranking of the website. There are certain other factors also. Different platforms like San Diego SEO mostly consider these factors to make a business website to the top most ranking.

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