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Tips to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Having an Instagram account does not necessarily mean you’ll have hundreds of thousands of new followers, even if the Instagram stats say so. However, it’s not that simple. There are many ways to grow Instagram fans and only a few easy-to-follow methods that work consistently. But don’t worry yet.


With those tips to grow real Instagram followers fast, you’ll be able to rapidly grow your following in no time. The trick to it all is by identifying the best times to post and the best places to post. You’ve probably heard about search engine optimization for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – why not use that to help you grow your Instagram following?


All you need to do is go to the section where you can find “Insights for Social Media” and scroll down until you see the link to Analytics, then click on it.


Under the section called” Instagram Audience Metrics,” you’ll see a metric called “OA” for engagement. That means that “Engagement,” as it relates to an Instagram user-generated content page, is the number of times users “interact” with the page. In other words, how many times have people looked at your content or mentioned you on their social networks while viewing your page?


Those are the moments when you should be engaging your Instagram followers. If your followers are talking about you and spreading the word about your brand, that means you’re doing your job! It’s that simple.


What if you don’t have an audience to share your brand’s content with, or perhaps you want to engage an existing audience but not bring them directly into your sales funnel? If you want to grow both those audiences and your influence, go live!


Schedule posts on your Instagram page in advance and invite people to come along for the ride. Set up a booth at a tech fair, create your blog on your site, or invite influencers to tell their stories; you’ll attract more fans and followers, and they’ll tell others, who will tell others… and so on.


If you have an Instagram account, use the button from your profile settings to upload a photo using the hashtag. The Instagram account for your brand can handle these tags automatically for you. Hashtags can also be used on the Facebook app.


On the app, make sure you use a unique style for your Instagram followers and that the caption includes your brand name, title, and call to action. This is a great way to bring in brand new Instagram followers that already know you exist!


Using share will encourage followers to share your link with their networks, but if you want to ensure maximum engagement you need to use the right hashtags in the right way. The idea is to engage your audience, not turn them off. Find a balance between entertainment and marketing, and you’ll see an increase in engagement from both Instagram users and brands.

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