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Virtual Office Services: All you Need to Know

You may have heard the term ‘virtual office’ and are wondering exactly what the service entails and how it could help your business. Most new businesses do not have the resources to open an office in the CBD of the city, which is really where you want to be located, yet the rental costs are prohibitive for a business that has just been created.

Virtual Office Services

If, for example, you wanted a prestigious business virtual address in Sydney CBD, there are virtual office providers that can offer you a prestigious business address, plus a whole host of other essential office services. Packages start with a very basic service that gives you a city mailing address and all incoming mail is forwarded to the client, then there are what is called virtual reception services, where a qualified receptionist remotely answers your incoming calls in the name of your company. Cutting edge technology allows for a remotely located person to answer the call without the caller being aware that the person answering is not in your office, which means callers will have the impression that your offices are permanently manned by directly employed receptionists.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about the range of virtual office services, a simple online search will reveal the whereabouts of a locally based company that offers virtual office services. The provider would offer a range of services that include the following:

  • Business Virtual Address – A CBD address that forwards your mail to you.
  • Business Virtual Address with Mail & Messaging – Email and SMS are used to forward messages and mail.
  • Virtual Receptionist – A qualified receptionist who is remotely connected will answer all incoming calls in your company name.
  • Meeting Room Hire – A fully equipped conference room can be hired by the hour, which is ideal if you are motivating your sales team every week.
  • Office Services – If you need documents typing or accounts tidied up, the provider would have a full range of office and secretarial services at your disposal. Preparing handouts or presentation packs is no longer the headache it once was, and you are only billed for the services that you use.
  • Hiring Office Space – If you and your team have a big project and a deadline that is fast approaching, you can hire a fully operational office with all the equipment. Daily rates are very affordable and should you require the services long-term, this can be arranged.

There are many services offered by the virtual office provider, who can easily be contacted with an online search.

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