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Tips for Safely Handling Asbestos

Safety can’t be emphasized enough when dealing with asbestos. Safety is often talked about whenever asbestos is involved because there are grave health risks that can result from mishandling asbestos. Some of these safety measures are very common and common sense requires that you follow them. You should ever take chances when dealing with poisonous materials such as asbestos, which can easily result in your death if you make a mistake handling them.

The dangers of handling asbestos have forced various departments of government around the world to formulate safety guidelines and tips that must be followed in all cases where handling asbestos is involved. In fact, in any public project where asbestos is involved, not following safety guideline is a crime and can lead to imprisonment.

Most governments have made it illegal for homeowners to remove asbestos on their own, but others allow it. This article will highlight some safety tips that you as a homeowner or specialist of asbestos must follow at all times.

Wear a respirator

You are required to wear a respirator always to protect you from inhaling fiber particles from asbestos. You should not just use any respirator you get on the market. Asbestos fibers can be very fine and if the respirator is not rated for use with asbestos, then they may infiltrate and reach your lungs. There are several brands of respirators that are certified as safe for use with asbestos and you should go for such. Before you pick, you should go online and check what surveyors in your country are using for this task. You may need to change the filter of the respirator before you use the equipment again just for good measure.

Use a pump sprayer

While working, it is obvious that you will generate a lot of dust and other airborne materials, asbestos included. As a safety precaution, you are advised to use a pump sprayer so that you continuously spray water in the air to suppress airborne particles. This is important for keep as little asbestos airborne as possible. This is a process that you should do continuously without tiring as long as you are still working.

Before you start work, it is also a good safety measure to wet the site with plenty of water to suppress dust and other materials. You should use a vacuum cleaner with an asbestos-rated filter for safety. The place you are working on should be cleaned using wet wipes that should be disposed well afterwards.

Use labeled bags to store ACMs

ACM stands for asbestos-containing material. These are materials in the house that contain asbestos and cause the asbestos to be airborne. These materials should be kept well in airproof plastic bags that should be labeled well. The labels are meant to warn people to stay away from the bags so as to reduce chances of exposure by unknowing people. While in the bags, the ACMs should be disposed in designated dumping sites. There are many companies that offer asbestos testing and removal and should be able to help you so that you don’t attempt doing this risky work on your own.

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