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The Usefulness of Safety in Aussie Workplaces 

In certain industries high risk is inherently involved, this includes building, construction, manufacturing and the like. These lines of work require safety procedures and safety equipment in place to ensure that you remain legally compliant and keep your workers and the environment safe. 

Here’s Why Australian Workplaces Need Safety Equipment 

Increased Productivity

The appropriate safety gear not only safeguards your health and well-being; but also helps you with taking care of your business faster and better. This is especially evident assuming you’re doing high-risk activities at the workplace (for example dealing with sharp apparatuses and gear, carrying heavy materials, etc.). You can work more effectively and productively on-site with the right safety gear.

Comply With Legal Standards

The majority of workplaces in Australia are subject to workplace health and safety (WH&S) regulations, and the building and construction industries are no different. You and your employees will be required to adhere to specific WH&S regulations at each worksite in order to perform your duties. Regulators may impose substantial fines on you if you fail to meet these requirements. This rule is meant to keep everyone on-site safer and protect you in the event of an accident, and also help protect the Australian environment. 

Reduced Risk & Liability

Getting hurt on the job can be very costly, whether you’re working alone or leading a large group of employees. Assuming that you or any of your labourers get injured at work without appropriate security gear, you or your organisation could have to deal with significant damages and liabilities that result in fines or jail time. 

What Safety Precautions Exist?

Some of the most common safety precautions in Australian workplaces are as follows. 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

This is safety equipment or clothing designed to be worn by workers to protect them from injury or illness. This includes things such as safety helmets, skin protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, footwear and high-visibility clothing. 

 Flammable Liquid Cabinet

Flammable liquid cabinets are the safest way to store certain classes of flammable chemicals. These are developed for industrial uses and are designed to be fireproof, explosion-proof and prevent workplace damage, worker injuries and other such dangers from occurring where hazards are stored. Learn about flammable liquid cabinets here. 

Spill Kits

Any location that stores dangerous goods must have a spill kit on hand. When accidents happen, workplaces need to make sure that workers and the environment are safe from fuel spills to chemical leaks. If you do not have spill kits and the ability to act quickly, it can cause you to incur fines and even jail time. 

Safety Shower & Eyewashes

A safety shower is a type of decontamination device meant to clean the body of someone who has been exposed to hazardous materials. To flush the materials from the body, the device sprays a high amount of water on the person. The security shower is a prerequisite set by the Australian Government that has very stringent standards and rules. These tools are used in laboratories, for example, to prevent injuries, provide appropriate first aid, and protect workers’ health and safety.


Bunding is designed to contain spills that occur in drums and tanks or machines and the like. How it works is that they are placed under or around a container to help hold any leaks for further clean-up. These bunds come in many forms including portable bunds, drum containment bunds and the like. Bunds are also made durable, easy to clean and corrosive resistant so you can easily manage and maintain them. 

Spill Station Has Everything You Need

Spill Station is Australia’s leading supplier of compliant safety equipment alongside risk assessments and training. For all your safety needs, you can’t beat them!

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