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How to Design Your Own Tote Bag

 Tote bags have risen in popularity in the last few years, and the hype for these nifty carriers has not waned. Many people covet them because they are functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The greatest thing about them is that there are many different styles and designs you can choose from.

These are staples you should have in your bag closet for casual everyday use.  You can also gift these on occasions such as a friend’s birthday.

Although it is all well and good if you decide to purchase a cute tote bag in a shop, it is much better if you have something unique. You can do so when you choose to personalise one.

Here’s how you can design your own tote bag:   

  • Pick out a theme

What’s the overall look you want to achieve. Do you want something trendy, vibrant, elegant, casual, preppy or bohemian? Think about this carefully because this will determine the rest of the materials you need.

  • Pick out the material

There are a variety of materials you can choose from. You can go for fabric such as canvas, jute, and cotton or you can go for other materials such as leather, denim, nylon and other synthetics.

You can choose cotton fabrics because they come in a variety of colours, designs (e.g. prints and patterns, and textures). They are also very easy to manipulate. You can embellish, cut or quilt them without encountering a problem.

You can opt to go for leather and suede that can either be made from pure animal skin or synthetic material.

Nylon is also a good choice if you want a more durable and weather-resistant bag. This material also makes your bag have a lustrous appearance which is a huge plus if you like a shinier surface for your tote.

  • Pick out the colours

There are many you can choose from. You can pick out virtually any colour you can think of.  Whether you want a two-toned, three-toned, rainbow, striped or patterned bag, you can do it with this bag.

  • Pick out a design

Choose designs that match well with your overall theme. You don’t want to have an unbalanced looking tote or a mismatch of design. Make sure that you have already decided whether you wish patches or print.

Patches require stitching, and most of them are sold by bulk. They are always bundled according to the theme so that you can quickly pick out the design you want. The most famous design trend now is a tropically themed tote bag. So, this means that you need cold glasses, sun shades, pineapple, flowers, pool floats, etc.

Printing is the more popular option since you only need to search for a hi-resolution image online. You can mix and match designs if you wish to. After all, the tote bag must reflect your personality and your sense of style. You don’t have to conform to any norms because, ultimately, you have to be you.

These are the steps to design your personalised tote bag successfully. Ask your friends for suggestions if you are having a hard time deciding on the theme or any of the design elements.


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