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Generational Wealth Society (GWS) Announces Its Project In Attempt To Reshape The Industry

New York, NY, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Generational Wealth Society (GWS) is proud to announce its official launch date. The GWS team has been building for months and are finally prepared to reveal and launch their phase one ecosystem complete with staking and bonding protocols, a multi-sig treasury and more.

The GWS DAO is a multi-phased project designed to generate a token supply, create a treasury of funds and allocate those funds to yield safe returns for the DAO and its members via increased liquidity. During this time a 10% sell tax exists to regulate supply and combat inflation caused by staking and bonding rates.

Following the conclusion of phase one, phase two includes development, launch, and maintenance of the GWS blockchain which will be uniquely designed to begin as the basis of a blockchain that fully utilizes the GWS coin in a multitude of utilities by implementing all of the biggest DEFI staples while designing them to all utilize the GWS coin together, instead of each application having its own token and each token competing for market caps and use cases.

GWS blockchain will completely revolutionize the way in which a blockchain should utilize its primary coin, leading by example.

GWS utilizes a multi-sig treasury wallet to ensure a safe and secure treasury protocol as a barrier of trust between the multi-sig council members and the community.

Four of six council members are publicly doxxed to express how serious the team is about GWS and its future.

GWS has made all of their token contracts publicly available however, a certik audit will be coming following the launch as its one of the first allocations of treasury funds to be executed to ensure the safety of the contracts and the platform itself.

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