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4 secrets to becoming SAP consultant

With the rise in number of businesses requiring help with their SAP technology and implementation, it becomes obvious that the market is in need of more professionals. To become an SAP consultant is not easy but you have every right to follow your dreams if you want to become one. Other than assisting business implements their cloud based software to help them manage their daily task, you also get to work with different modules that you must have specialized in. listed below are some tips that any SAP consulting to be must heed to during their journey to the career.

Make a choice between technical and functional module

The complexity in SAP systems make them very technical for inexperienced people. For proper implementation, you need to have the right diverse professional profiles to use. Before going further, you must choose which one between technical and functional module that you would prefer to work in. SAP functional consultants understand the business process of the client’s business and help with their conversion to processes for where the project is implemented. The technical module option revolves around working more on the technology side for instance being a programmer for the various challenging aspects of SAP.

Choose your module

The first part is deciding whether you will go for the functional or technical module of the job before choosing the SAP module you will work with. While making the choice, you should understand that the model you have most affinity in could easily not be the one with the most returns for your career in SAP implementation and consultancy. You must therefore research each module ideally to determine the one you have highest affinity in. You will then need to talk to various active and retired experts in the industry for advice on diverse consultancies you should check out when it comes to SAP.

Get trained

The amount of money you will be charged for full SAP course will not be cheap and you must therefore adjust your budgeting accordingly. The training alone will not be enough to make you an expert however you will have basic understanding to help you navigate different career paths in SAP consultancy. Your choice has to be made ideally and you are encouraged to seek referrals from professionals in the industry who can give you some great names to begin checking out on your shortlist.

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