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The Most Common Utilization of Steel Channels

Steel channels are the most wanted material in construction of houses and other buildings. The vital reason behind opting for this kind of steel is because of its versatility and availability in varied sizes, shape and thickness.

They are made by rolling hot steel and has width, flat in surface and have flanges at ninety degrees on both sides. This type of channel is used in quite different ways.

The uses are:

  • As walls: Walls of warehouses, garages, and even used in buildings made of tin sheets. They act as studs which run from the bottom vertically to the upper plate. They are best help to bear the building’s vertical load.

  • As roofs: If you prefer to have rafters like light duty roof, then steel channels are the best material to provide strong support for the roof deck. Steel placed over the wood rafters make them smaller and lighter. Moreover, they provide complete support to hold the weight and enhance durability. Presently it is used in heavy duty roofs because of its sustainable quality.
  • For windows and door frames: It is used in both metal and wood building frames as they boost the security level. The four pieces of cut steel having joints at end help the channels to slide over the door or window framing. As it has flat surface it is easy to mount a door or window. Mostly steel channels are used in framing commercial fire doors and sub-grade basement doors.
  • For vehicles: Popularly used to make vehicle frames. The varied uses are making major frame rails, for cross members, braces, structural components, and for radiator supporters. The channels don’t let a vehicle from flexing quite a lot at the same time let it move enough for the engine torque to function adequately. Most often the channels are welded together to form a box like structure joined by flat surface to give shape of I- beam.

Mostly this kind of steel channels are used to provide more strength and for its rigidity. As they are light weight, there isn’t any added load on the surface where it is used. The best advantage of the steel channels is to use them in outside premises. As the steel channel is corrosion resistance, it isn’t easily affected by sun heat. As it is light weight and rust proof , it is mainly used in constructing light poles, towers, construction equipment, and other outer elements which are prone to be affected by adverse weather conditions.

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